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Piloting with teachers in Bulgaria

2️⃣7️⃣ primary school and kindergarten teachers, psychologists, speech therapists and resource teachers from all over Bulgaria 🇧🇬gathered and were highly motivated to learn more about the special needs of children with ADHD, how to recognize its implications on children’s behavior, how to manage a classroom with such students, how they can support children with ADHD more effectively in line with the idea of inclusive education.
🔸During the first training day, the participants clarified their motivation and expectations from the training and learned about the condition of ADHD – its classification according to the ICF international standard, epidemiology, causes and manifestations.
🔸On the second day, participants worked in groups on case studies from their own practice and discussed different evidence-based strategies. Participants were also introduced to Unit 2 and 3 of the TAC training module: environment and classroom management & relationships of children with ADHD.
🔸The third day was devoted to research-based and evidence-based coping strategies supporting the sense of belonging, acceptance, and inclusion of children exhibiting ADHD-related behaviors.
For many of the participants, this was a breakthrough from long-held teaching methods to a new openness to new perspectives on children and their needs. 😊